I am your average guy.  I enjoy being outdoors, but I don’t fish, hunt or camp.  I just like being outside.  Cooking inside takes me away from the outdoors.  Grilling on a typical smoker or gas grill only lures me outside only when weather permits.  Now that I am the proud owner of a kamado style grill, nothing stops me from being outside.  I’ve virtually eliminated the use of our indoor stove and oven.  I cook outdoors rain or shine. The crimson red Kenmore grill I used for many years has been shoved over to the corner of my deck only to collect pollen and dirt.  My poor kettle grill was placed in a yard sale back during the summer of 2016 and has moved on to a better home.  Bless it’s charcoal heart!   My life is fulfilled now for I am outdoors almost every evening during the week and all day long on the weekends and I could not be happier.  This blog is about my journey with my kamado style grill, how it moved me permanently to my happy place outdoors and how it changed the way my family and I eat.  I hope it motivates you to take cooking outdoors and inspires the  chef that lives inside you to reveal itself.

Robert Moore