Smokeware Chimney Cap Review


We haven’t had much rain in Atlanta this summer, which is great for grilling, but not for keeping your backyard plants watered.  Much like your plants need water, your grill needs to be dry when grilling, especially a kamado grill.

I own a Classis 18” Kamado Joe grill that comes with a standard daisy-wheel type easy-open dome.  However, water can penetrate through it, making it impossible to maintain a dry grill and correct temperatures.

If you are like me, your desire is to be able to grill almost every day, rain or shine.  Short of rigging an umbrella, this is impossible.  So, I decided to do a little research for a solution.  I stumbled upon  This site is full of after-market accessories for grills, but primarily for kamado style grills.

I found a really nice stainless steel chimney cap and a flat cap for my kamado grill.  The chimney cap replaces the standard dome and waterproofs the chimney.

I placed my order and received it within three days.  After a quick and easy installation, I was up and running on a dry grill, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood.

imageThere are many features I love about this chimney cap, such as, the adjustment doesn’t move after you slide it in place and even after several months of use, the air band still adjusts smoothly.  In addition, the tapered slits help for doing low and slow cooks.  The most important thing I love about this product is the peace of mind it brings.  I can grill every day and no longer have to worry about rainwater getting inside.

The flat cap has been a nice add-on for me mainly because it ensures the grill is sealed when I’m ready to snuff out the flame.  The standard daisy-wheel model and the Smokeware stainless steel chimney cap both do this by closing off the vents, but the flat cap gives you more peace of mind.

imageThe only complaint I have is that even when the stainless steel chimney cap is open all the way, it takes a long time to get the grill up to 500 degrees.

I think Smokeware could remedy this by making the slits 20% larger than the size of the kamado opening.  This would increase the draft through the kamado, which would then increases the temperature rise speed.  For now, I remove the top of the chimney cap to allow more air to flow through the kamado which brings the temperature up at normal speed.

I highly recommend Smokeware’s stainless steel chimney cap to anyone who enjoys grilling rain or shine on a kamado style grill.  It’s a must have.

2 thoughts on “Smokeware Chimney Cap Review

  1. I purchased the chimney cap. Love that it doesn’t shift when I open the kamado. But since I do a lot of very hot pizza cooks it now sits on a shelf. I had the same problem. For whatever reason I found it difficult to get the temperature up.


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